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Sally Maish was born in England in 1970 to American parents and grew up in Italy, the U.S. and Switzerland. Crediting this multi-cultural upbringing she claims, 


"When it comes to music I am equally at home in the classical world as I am in popular forms like rock and country. The way I hear it, the essence of what people need to express through music differs little among genres. I enjoy the challenge of writing in various styles. It gives me the freedom to explore the many faces of emotional truth."


In 1993 Sally became a full time musician in Chicago playing repertoire that ranged from Gershwin to Nirvana. She also began writing lyric rock songs and in 1996 co-founded the rock trio Twelfth House with Mike Pleska (of Czech 60's rock scene fame) that played the vibrant Chicago underground club circuit of the late 90's. 


At age 34 she retired from performing and began to focus more on writing and teaching. 

Sally holds a B.A. in Music from the University of Chicago and diplomas from the International School of Geneva and the Royal Schools of Music. She plays the piano, saxophone, bassoon, flute and guitar. Her works have been performed and broadcast in the U.S. and Europe earning her acclaim for her craftsmanship and originality. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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