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Silver Plane


Trace your graceful arc in placid skies

Proscribe circumferences of space

and glide upon a single blade 

as ringing waves of sound

on smoothest rims 

of crystal glass 

will skate


Bold silver plane

askance in balance born of force

and tilting on the axis of all possible

You sail in a suspension of infinity and fault


Willful engines earn you audience in Nature’s court

who until in forced bravura all your fuel is spent

will support your vain display 

of false courtship

Swallow My Eyes


Swallow my eyes

into your wild blue worlds

of seas 

so deeply dreaming


and let me wake 

the drunken prayers 

that sleep 

in your sunken garden 


Kneel with me

at the sacred stairs 

of your ruined 

altars underwater


and free a tear

into Ocean’s love

as my soul 

dissolves in your truth

The New Moon


With softest step 

The new moon glides

Into silent space

Of deep winter's dark


Unseen but for sleepless watch of Time

And staring black orbs of forest deer 


In January’s gentle beckoning rest

The night exhales and quietly draws


Its heavy blanket 

Sliding across 

Forgetting eyes

And hearts unhealed 



Tu qui respire le souffle des étoiles

Et en fait voler ton bateau à voiles

Je nage, mon cher, à tes pieds de rêves

Mon ȃme de maîtrise dans ce corps d’élève

Je t’offre ici comme une mouette au ciel

Qui pour te toucher a déplier ces ailes.


In This Silence


In this silence of a thousand miles

Of weapons hurled in hopeless wars 

Of reconciling words withheld

In hollow tones 

Of longing, loss

Now empty echoes in our heads


In this great distance of nothingness

Of arrowheads we can’t remove

We ache to heal

To feel to love

But poison paralyzing 

Flows yet in our blood


Into the night press on these words

Whose voice may never reach your mind

By way of moon’s eternal grace

Their quiet journey

Fraught with snares

Afixed by hands 

Of time


Yet in this silence of a thousand miles

As judgments passed now pass away

The heart begins to bathe its wounds


In the gentle rays

Of forgiveness

The Unsought Future

Unravel the openness 

Expanse of vague


Strands of yearning

Dangle midair

And reach to infinity inviting

Mediocre response to 

Forces internal

Celebratory stages 

Their stories unheard


Unmasterful silence beheld

As sun and moon above

Eternally tangled sing of loss


The one of time the other love


Downward Birds


Sick with futures drown

the downward birds

Impending divers

poised to ends

in heaviness



Vainglorious March

the fledgling drenches


Old clouds mock hard their kin


But prouder winds return the flock

aloft on softest songs of feather’s edge

The Space Where You Were


Deep in dark inner forests 

The silent heaviness always within

Invisible weight of emptiness


Sunrays and breezes cannot reach 

This place of vanishing light

All dissipates in densest shadow


Currents of time and life flow around

The imprint of destinies diverted-

Respecting the hidden shrine of hope


But on certain nights of quietude

Beams of white Moon’s gentle light

Unheard and softly as owl’s wings 


Slip past the sleeping tall black towers 

To meet with me in that soundless space

And bring to life love’s memory. 



Bright morning cool. 

Clear light of true calm. 

Life breathes, renewal shines again. 


Faithful moon still high above 

Pale chalk on purest new blue. 

Pleased to share first light with powerful sun. 


Deer resting near trees. 

Golden light enveloping soft fur of gentle fawns

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